Brain-Computer Interfacing: An Introduction
Rajesh P. N. Rao, Cambridge University Press, 2013

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Recent Advances in BCI

BCI is a fast moving field and the book only covers BCI research up to 2012. The goal of this page is to maintain a curated list of links to BCI research from beyond 2012 that may be of interest to readers of the book. Links will be organized under the following broad areas as discussed in the book. The list will be updated periodically.

If you feel a particularly important post-2012 publication is missing from the list, please email an APA-style reference and a link to the publication to the author (use email address on the Contact page). Thank you!

Invasive BCIs

Semi-invasive BCIs

Noninvasive BCIs

BCIs that Stimulate

Bidirectional BCIs


BCI Ethics

Last updated: October, 2013